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Lazy Saturday Afternoon...


It's Saturday afternoon and the wife and kids are out leaving me home to a) clean the kitchen or b) find something interesting to blog about.

You can guess how that turned out.

Unfortunately, I can't find anything to write about either Suns or NBA related. I've failed.

Speaking of fail, have you seen the Fail Blog? I consider it a daily must read.

What sites, blogs or RSS feeds are in your daily must read queue? Besides BSoS of course.



And before I get back to cleaning the kitchen, here's some more non-Suns news.

The U10 soccer team I am coaching won its first game of the season today by the score of 4-0.

The Mad Cows looked good individually but have a lot of work on playing their positions and sharing the ball. They also, which is common at this age, tend to clog up the middle of the field. I want them to play in space on the wings more so I am going to switch to a 3-2-2 instead of the 3-3-1 we played today.

They were solid though and did make some great passes and finished on their opportunities. Defensively they cleared the ball well and didn't make any big mistakes.

By the second half I was playing anyone anywhere to keep the score from getting out of hand. We can let the kids have a few more years of fun before teaching them how to step on their opponents' throat.

My boy is the keeper btw and he's pretty darn good if I say so myself...

Sam_goalie_medium 12-21-2007-2_medium



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