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Audio from Suns Media Day

Full legnth interviews with Amare and Shaq at the Suns media day.

  • Amare talked about his ankle (doing well), his team (more depth and defense) his new coach (defense and maybe more about defense) and the team's chances (cliche cliche cliche).
  • Shaq on the other hand talked about Shaq. You know - his web site. His fighting skills. And how his history of getting injured is something that he can't control. Like the weather.
  • Oh, and his weight is fine and his weight never effected his game or ability to play. Stop asking about his weight. Why would you ever ask about Shaq's weight?
  • And Shaq, you don't have 742 days left. It's 639 but who's counting.

One thing that's really clear is that Amare is glad to see D'Antoni gone and Shaq seems skeptical about Porter. Good thing for the Suns that Shaq is a mature leader who has a history of supporting his coaches.


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