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Nash unplugged

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For all 90 of you out there that have downloaded audio files, here's more interviews with Nash and a few other fella's.

Nothing real special here. A lot of talk about defense which might be because there were a lot of questions about defense. I suppose there's some interesting quotes in there for the casual fan but you hard corps types won't be surprised unless you didn't know that running the pick and roll each time down the floor in every fourth quarter in every game might be tiring for the point guard.

It was nice though to hear Steve fully unplugged talking about his summer and joking about his Step-bro. Steve's a funny guy in that dry humor kind of way.

And we here at BSoS all wish Barbosa's mom the best. We "meet" her over the years in various Suns TV spots. We know that she visits Leandrihno each year and leaves his fridge full of yummy Brazilian food. LB clearly is a momma's boy and frankly, who can blame him. We hope she recovers quickly from whatever ails her.


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