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Recap Mad Libs Contest FTW (oh, and Suns beat Clips)

This game coming on a Sunday afternoon in the middle of, well a Sunday afternoon, made it difficult to give a serious watch. I managed to eek out seeing the game in 10 minute chunks between folding laundry and a variety of other distractions like my mother visiting. Doesn't she know there's a game on? Hello?

Anyway, the Suns obviously won the game 109-103 and there's a few other facets that any old recap can tell you.

  • Suns started with a 12-0 run that was fueled by blocks and steals. Nice
  • The Clips came right back and kept the game close. Not so nice
  • Nash took like 5 charges and looked like the DPOY. When he wasn't getting totally burned by Eric Gordon that is
  • Grant Hill was / is awesome
  • After Dunleavy got ejected in the 3rd the Suns went on a run and closed the quarter up 13 points
  • A lead they promptly lost making this another close game which the Suns won by going to their "We are older and better then you" place
  • Suns shot 45% from the field and missed 15 threes (29%) and still scored 109. + 1 on OReb. + 3 on turnovers and 2 more made FG's and 2 more made FT's are the difference
  • Suns FGA diff, OReb diff and TO diff are improving fast. That's the diff between winning this game and losing to the Heat or Nets
  • Shaq is shooting 85% from the line in the past 3 games and is 12-12 in the last two. With him shooting like that Porter was able to give him the ball late and he delivered with a 3 pt play and a great interior pass to Amare leading to a shooting foul.
  • Who's team is it?

Pretty much anyone can tell you that though. These recaps exist to explain why these things happen and what they might mean.

This time though since I didn't really see the game closely enough I can't tell you any of that.

I am sure however,  a bunch of you did (or can pretend you did). Unfortunately, we've already established you are all lazy and sorry and can't be counted on to put finger to keyboard for more then brief barely incomprehensible blurb of digital barf.

So, to fill in the blanks I've created a fill in the blank recap. Mad Lib style.

Those of you that grew up in the post pencil and paper generation can ask your parents what a Mad Lib is.

To make it more interesting (it is a Clippers recap after all) this Mad Lib recap is now a



That's right. You can win free stuff * just for filling in the blanks!

Here we go...

Clips Nation Recap * Box Score * Game Quotes

Recap Mad Lib:

The ___________ Phoenix Suns managed a ___________ victory over the ________ LA Clippers. After playing ___________ in the first half the Suns ________ and were _________ by ______ who had ____________.  In the second half _______didn't happen.

Without ___________ the outcome might have been __________. But in the ___________ the Suns were ____________________ win.

We expect Coach Porter to be _____________ with the outcome of the ______________ played contest.

The Suns were coming off a big win over the Mavs and their performance today is indicative of ___________ and could mean _____________.

The LA Clippers for their part represent ___________ in the NBA. They are a _____ team that __________ when they aren't ____________.  In the future the Clippers fans have _________ to look forward to.

Bonus Mad Lib:

Clippers fans follow their team for the following three reasons:



3) ___________


How to Enter the Contest:

To enter the Mad Lib contest pay attention to the following things. I will type slowly to avoid the level confusion we saw with some of the last contest responses.

1. Copy the Mad Lib Recap. Using the "copy function" on your computer. If you don't know how to do that go away and don't bother asking me.

2. Paste the Mad Lib Recap into a "comment" in the thread of this story. If the terms "Paste" or "comment" or "story" are foreign to you please go back to a Spurs blog geared for someone of your skill level.

3. Replace the blanks in the Mad Lib Recap with YOUR original thoughts. Get it? You fill in the blanks.

4. Do not cheat off someone else. I will know.

5. Winning entries will be judged on creativity. That means whatever I want it to mean so don't ask.

6. Entries must be entered in the entry space by no later then mid-night Monday January 12.

7. The winner will be announced when I get to it and will receive their prize * if I feel like it.

8. and yes, Clippers fans can play. I know for a fact they are literate unlike _____ fans.

Good luck. Don't bother me. I am going to go watch Desperate Housewives now.




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