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Pregame podcast #10 - J.R. Smith Please Shoot More

In this edition of the pregame podcast (which apparently is now just going to be named "pregame podcast" for lack of anything better) we welcome back Jeremy formerly of Pickaxe and Roll and now making his blogging home at Roundball Mining Company.

Jeremy despite what you might here from that idiot host is not the first guest back (that honor goes to Clipper Steve). Jeremy was however our first guest and he is back.

In this podcast we talk about two of my favorite things. Rubbing our fantastic Phoenix weather in the faces of cold climate dwelling people (look out Wyn from Minneapolis!) and also Johann Petro who is now with the Nugs.

So, while neither of those topics might interest you (and why would they) if you listen I promise you will also hear some relevant basketball discussion specifically centered around:

  • How the Nuggets are doing without Melo and his broken hand - ok and then not ok
  • Who the Nuggets matchup poorly against in the west - Lakers of course
  • How to best defend the Nuggets attack - pressure Billups and take the ball out of his hands
  • And how to stop J.R. Smith from killing us again - let him shoot more (not sure I agree with that)

Thank you again to Jeremy for coming on the "show"

Click the big play button to listen to the podcast.


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