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Pregame podcast #11 - You Get What You Pay For

It's after midnight on Thursday and the Suns just blew yet another big first half lead and Amare had yet another game of suck.

This podcast however, was recorded yesterday and features Wyn from the cold cold frozen waste land of Minnesota. He's also from Cannis Hoopus where he makes his virtual (and warmer) online home.

Because it's late and I am pissed and I've got a busy day tomorrow this podcast is coming to you raw and unedited. You might say I am phoning it in. You might even hear some phone ringing on the podcast. You might also say I am giving it the A'ma'r'e' treatment. Whatever.

Listen. Don't listen. But if you select "don't listen" you will miss some awesome discussion about the most facinating and compelling team in the league lead by their dynamic head coach (who is scared of bloggers) but has a young group of potential all-stars playing hard and entertaining basketball.

Sorry Wyn, I tried. That's the best I can do. It's the Timberwolves afterall and outside of being the occasional buts of jokes there's really not much interest there. But hey, maybe Foye, Love and Al Jeff will mature together and...oh forget it. It's the Timberwolves.

The discussion however was fun and I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks Wyn from Cannis Hoopus.

Click the big play button to listen to the podcast.


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