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Open Gameday Thread - Suns vs Timberwolves

2008/2009 NBA Regular Season



US Airway Center
January 16th, 2009, 7:00 PM MST / 9:00 PM EST
Probable starters:
Steve Nash PG Sebastian Telfair
Jason Richardson SG Randy Foye
Grant Hill SF Ryan Gomes
Amare Stoudemire PF Craig Smith
Shaquille O'Neal C Al Jefferson
Official Suns Game Notes

The Suns look to bounce back from the tough loss last night against the Nuggets with a Shaq-led victory over the perennially hapless Timberwolves.

Wyn from Canis Hoopus put the Wolves recent 5 game winning streak in perspective when we spoke the other night for the pregame podcast. He explained that while the Wolves are playing better mainly due to the hot streak of Randy Foye they didn't beat a single team with a winning record.

For more (way) more detailed breakdown of this game and the matchups you can listen to the discussion.

Maybe even more important then the actual game is the big first ever Tweet up going on at USAC. It sounds like there will be a huge crowd with all kinds of fun pre and post game stuff. I will be there with Sun of Stan so don't expect to hear from me unless you get off the dime and sign up for Twitter and follow me at @phoenixstan.

I will be chillin w/ the boyz from and it is rumored that The Big Tweet himself might make an appearance after the game during our meet and greet with Steve Kerr (I don't think I will bring up the Moron Meter at this time).

If you are watching at home look for a big group in the upper deck with their hands tweeting on iphones and blackberry's and not talking to each other. You can follow along (if you really care to) at #sunstweetup.

You really have to hand it to the Suns for jumping on board the social media train so quickly. The Suns clearly lead the leauge in tweets per seat.

Oh, and I almost forgot that season premiers of Friday Night Lights AND Battlestar Galactica's final 10 episodes are tonight making this an epic evening for basketball's internet geeks.

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