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Wolves munch Suns - Phoenix Stan still thrilled

Let's start with the game and get this over with quick. Like ripping off a band aid. Or talking about a crappy game your team dropped with uninspired overtired play to crappy team.

It started early in the day when Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm (and various other internet haunts) IM'd me that the Suns were going to lose. It went something like this:

Dramatic recreation of IM chat follows

Matt: Suns are going to lose tonight to the T-wolves

Phx Stan: Nope

Matt: Yup

Phx Stan: Shaq is rested. Team is pissed. Wolves streak doesn't include any teams with winning records.

Matt: Really?

Phx Stan: True

Matt: Ok. I'll take the Suns

Then after the game while I am sitting on the bench waiting to take the light rail home and Matt pings me again (btw - I am so proud of my little home town all growed up with a big boy train. And our train even has bike racks in the cars so eat it LA, Boston, NYC and DC subways) .

Matt: I should have listened to my gut

Phx Stan: Yes Matt. You were right. I was wrong. Suns got in at 4am. OT last night and Nash was dead tired and Amare is getting worse. Rebounds might as well have been bouncing off his head for all the effort his gave

Matt: Yup

Phx Stan: Gnite

And that folks is all the recap you are going to get out of me for this game.

Most of the times you kill the Wolves. Sometimes if you aren't careful and you are lazy and you think the world should vote for you and you disrespect him and don't have the right amount of fear for him The Wolf eats you.

Box Score * Game Quotes * Canis Hoopus (nice win Wyn)

Btw that was Alando Tucker in the 2nd quarter and didn't he look good? That kid can absolutely finish after taking a hit. Don't go to sleep on him. He's a legit player with a great attitude and spirit.

He doesn't drink or ink either.

A lot of people are surprised when they get to know me and find out that I’ve never had a drink in my life.

My decision not to drink started when I was about 10 or 11 years old. My older brother, Antonio, and I decided to make a pact, where we’d never drink, never smoke and never put tattoos on our body.

Those were the three decisions that we made and we’ve stuck to them.

Before you give him a hard time about being a "rebel" and try to get him to go out with you for a beer after work you might want to read this kid's man's story.


Then there's the other real story of the night #sunstweetup

I am going hold off telling that story but let's just say 9 year old Sun of Stan had THE TIME OF HIS LIFE and will be telling his friends 15 years from now how he shook Shaq's huge hand.

There wasn't much doubt of any other outcome but now the boy is surely a Suns fan for life. 

I am going to try and get him to write it up from his perspective in the morning and include pictures of him w/ Suns dancers, Tom Chambers, being goofy on TV (he got a TON of air time), Steve Kerr signing his shirt and of course The Big Kid Magnet himself.

My boy's got mad skilz with the keyboard. He won a poetry contest in second grade. What's that? You want to see the winning poem?


A mighty creature

Wake wise owl

Now to get your prey

Looking with sharp eyes

For its rodent meal


Kind owl

With your hungry babies


Sun of Stan

2nd Grade



So yes, the game sucked. Being the prey to the hungry wolf bites, but it was still a great night for this Suns dad.

Thanks Phoenix Suns for putting this event  together.

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