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Celts stomp Suns. Vote 4 Amare!

Hurry fans. This is your last chance to Vote 4 Am'a're Gorilla Game Standing Tall and Turrible Stoudemire!

Go to Vote 4 NOW! B4 it's too late!

It's not as if you have a choice for Western Conference All-star forward. I mean really.

Are you going to vote for Dirk Aldridge Melo Duncan West Gasol Martin Gay Love or Bowen? Hell no!

Did any of those guy take their precious money to create a web site asking 4 your vote? Did they spend their money putting up a billboard in China?



Billboard translation: Vote 4 Amare and free rice will be eternally yours


Hell no!

They just went out and played the game. That old school shit is weak. Get that mess out of here.

Vote 4 Amare now b4 it's too late!

Box Score

1 Rebound. 3 points. 4 turnovers. 4 fouls. 0-7 shooting (that's -127%) in 30 minutes of not playing.


That is EPIC FAIL!



Oh yes Steve Kerr. You didn't draft Amare. You didn't fail to rebound or shoot or play. But you still get a Moron Point for being the boss man of a team that sucked that bad. Somehow, I don't think you would argue with it either.


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