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Pregame podcast #5 - Baron von Who

Yesterday before jumping in the mini-van and driving to LA for a family wedding, I had a chance to spend some serious quality time with one of the best writers in the basketblogosphere - Clipper Steve from Clips Nation. Clipsnation_medium

We spent some time talking about Baron Davis no-showing this season. Steve had been away for awhile enjoying the beauty of Tahoe and choose (more wisely then I would) to devoid himself of basketball news. That caused him to miss the latest Baron dust up and his efforts to walk them back.

Clipper Steve has seen this all before and took my news in stride.

We discussed the Clippers new dominant big men trio of Randolf, Camby and Kaman, LLP and why if they can ever all get healthy at the same time they will be as imposing as the name sounds.

And finally we talked about my favorite subject - the psychological make up of Clippers fans. I swear that if I were a phd candidate in psych I would do my dissertation on this topic. Clipper Steve tells his story which includes time as a valley resident and Suns fan! We explore the broader mindset a bit but I think there's a lot of work yet to be done here to really get to the bottom of this.

Clippers fans interested in participating in a no-fee volunteer study please contact me.

For Nash fans, you can hear Clipper Steve share his first recollections of seeing Steve Nash play live. I am quite confident he got there before you did.

Thank you Clipper Steve for your time. I apologize for not having time to do any editing to this podcast. I am sure some Simpson's sound effects would certainly have found their way into any discussion involving the Clippers. Maybe next time.


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