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Nash sounds resigned to Shaq ball

After having Wednesday off, the Suns practiced for 75 minutes on Thursday. Both Nash and Dragic (who had been out with the flu) worked out.

After the practice Steve Nash talked about the Suns inside-out system. He reports that his back is fine but sounds resigned to the new style of play saying: some ways we have to go to there where we have an advantage but also there's not a lot of spacing to do anything else - that's what that line up is built to do

You can listen for yourself, but he doesn't sound thrilled with the new regime.

Meanwhile Shaq asserts that the "medium new system" is a mix of both styles and that in his experience is what it takes to win championships.

The Big Marketer also displays his humility by refusing to campaign for an all-star spot (you listening Amare?) saying that none of the greats ever needed to campaign for a spot.

We couldn't agree more with the new serious focused Shaq.


Audio provided by Sports 620 KTAR


Other notes of interest from the KTAR radio on-scene reporter:

  • Nash pulled himself out of the game at Oklahoma City late in the first quarter and then sat out the game at Memphis.  "My back is feeling pretty good."  He says he plans to play Friday vs. the Clippers as long as he wakes up in the morning and the back doesn't stiffen up on him.
  • Coach porter was asked about Shaq and how well he has played.  "He's been unbelievable."  But Porter added that just because Shaq played well in a back-to-back doesn't mean they will change their strategy when it comes to future back-to-backs.
  • Shaq said he won't ask to play more.  Over the last 7 games, Shaq is averaging 24.4 points and 10.3 rebounds while shooting 61.5%.
  • He feels the team has adapted to him more than he adapting to the team (which is what he said when he was aquired last February).
  •  With how well he is playing he was asked about 1) his future and 2) the all-star game. 
  • And regarding his future, "Robert Sarver knows the number to my office."  He then added that "we'll see what happens".
  • Amare Stoudemire is currently 2nd in all-star voting behind Tim Duncan (top two voters are selected starters) but his lead over #3 Carmelo Anthony is slipping.  It has gone from a 24,339 vote lead to an 18,228 vote lead as of the latest results.
  • Alando Tucker remains with the Iowa Energy in the D-League.
    He has played two games and is shooting 35% (6 of 17) averaging 8 pts/gm.

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