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Bright Side of the Facebook

When I was a kid listening to Journey, Andy Gibb, Queen and  Abba (how did I end up straight?) I had to decide between a cassette tape or 8 track deck. The cassettes were smaller but that 8 track had those cool buttons that let you flip between tracks. There were 4 of them!

Then later it was VHS or Beta. They seemed to work the same. You put the tape into the box and connect it to the TV with a screw driver and bam - movie time!

Not that long ago now they came out with this compact disc and DVD thing which made all my eight tracks and Beta tapes obsolete.

I didn't like those at first. Seemed flimsy and much less able to stand up to being stacked then my tapes. Finally in 1997 I gave in and made the big switch.


Clearly, I am no technophobe. Unlike some other bloggers who shall remain nameless I do have a cell phone. I was all over the twitter thing way back in the day when Shaq was a sock puppet. I even know what a sock puppet is.

But this whole My Space vs Face Book thing really knocked me off kilter for some reason. What if I pick the wrong one? Why do I need yet another way to communicate beyond email, IM, chat, fax, telephone, mobile phone, text message, twitter, blog and the occasional postcard. Just kidding. I haven't sent a post card since I was stuck in Iraq in 1991.

I don't want to pick the wrong one. I had Beta tapes and 8 tracks cartridges for a long long time.Facebook_pic_medium

Then finally I got an email from my mother inviting me to be her friend on Face Book. If my mother who is....mature...wants to be my friend well that's a special thing right.

I don't have a lot of immediate family members that actually want to be my friend AND my relative. I see my mother fairly often. She lives in Sun City not too far away. She babysits my daughter every Tuesday. But now she wanted to be my friend too. My actual Face Book friend.

I jumped all over that and three months later here I am with my very own Face Book page/site/wall/thing.

I even managed to make 13 friends in my very first day which is far better then I ever managed to do in real life (is that right or is Face Book so ubiquitous that it is considered real life?).

So now that I am on Face Book, won't you be my friend?

And thanks to ZonaFlash we even have something called a Group. I know From my vast non-virtual life experience that "Group" means a bunch of people but I am not positive that it means the same thing on FaceBook. I hope so. 

I can't say for certain because I am so new at this but I think you can find the Bright Side of the Sun Group by going to Face Book (it's not really that hard) and searching for Bright Side of the Sun Group. Then you join the Group. It's a very inclusive Group so don't be shy, we will let you in.

Then, once a lot of people have joined the Bright Side of the Sun Face Book Group someone can explain why we need a Group if we already have this blog.

I am guessing there's a great reason but one step at a time. You know?

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