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Open Gameday Thread - Suns vs Wiz

2008/2009 NBA Regular Season




January 26th, 2009, 5:00 PM MST / 7:00 PM EST
My45, 620 KTAR
Probable starters:
Steve Nash PG M.James
Jason Richardson SG C.Butler
Grant Hill SF D.McGuire
Amare Stoudemire PF A.Jamison
Shaquille O'Neal C A.Blatche
Official Suns Game Notes

The schedule giveth and the schedule taketh away. In the case of this, the longest road trip of the Suns season that old adage is reversed.

After being taketh'd by the C's, Knicks and Bobcats (not to mention Denver and the mighty Timberwolves) the Suns get giveth'd the Wiz.

It would be really fun to spend about twelve paragraphs explaining just how bad this team is but that just seems cruel doesn't it and would certainly tempt the fate of the basketball karmic overlords.

The Suns are in desperate need of a win (any win) to salvage a .500 road trip and their personal pride and respectability as men of sport.

For that reason I wish to avoid tempting the wrath of whatever mysterious forces control such things so I resort to trickery and will quote someone else's description of how the Wiz are "playing":



Every so often, the television show Cops will bring you a life-changing episode. Generally, it goes something like...

Multiple squad cars pull up on a trailer park to find a 1980s big bodied sedan on cement blocks in the front yard of a trailer. The cops, guns drawn, knock on the trailer's door and a young woman wearing a long t-shirt with a graphic of Tweety bird and, apparently, no pants, answers with a dazed look on her face.  The officers ask where her boyfriend is and then proceed to barge into the trailer looking for him. 

The cameras enter the trailer to find trash piled up knee-deep throughout the house.  Paraphenalia is strewn everywhere.  Weapons are hidden underneath the kitchen sink.  Then, one officer warily enters a back bedroom to find the boyfriend hiding under a bed and, while restraining him, they discover a young baby.  

In the five or so minutes it takes for this scene to develop, the viewer goes from fetishistic intrigue, to excitement, to horror, to pity and, finally, to a state of complete and utter disgust at the family for neglecting and endangering its child in such a manner. By the time a commercial break rolls around, you shake the cheeto dust off your shirt and try to find a way to contact the show so that you can offer to adopt the child, to do something, anything, to help protect it from its parents.  

Why am I writing all of this? 

Because that family is the Washington Wizards and that child is basketball. 

It's difficult to imagine a team caring less about winning or playing the game the right way than the 2008-2009 Washington Wizards.

Just what the Suns need.

Except, let's not forget that the only other team with single digit wins is the OKC Thunder who gave the Suns a run for their money. Twice.

In days of yore the Suns would lean heavily on a certain youn'g highl'y tale'nted "all star" and we could all be reasonable assured of an easy and comfortable win over a team who's roster literally would struggle against the top teams in the D-league.

Seriously, if you sent Courtney Sims back to the Iowa Energy don't you think they would beat this line up?

The Suns however over their past few weeks have not looked much better making what should be a gimme-game into a you-damn-well-better-show-up-and-compete-or-you-just-could-lose-this-game game.


Bullets Wizards Blog: Bullets Forever



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