time to fire terry porter?

Halfway into the season, it has become apparent that Terry Porter as our coach just isnt working. In fact, i would go so far to say that the person who cost us the MOST games is none other than our very own coach, Terry Porter. A list of a few bone-headed moves by TP at random:

1. "resting shaq" in back to back games rather stupidly. Im sure most of you remember a stretch where we played denver and minnesota back to back and TP decided to give shaq the night off playing denver. we lost that game in overtime, and when we played minnesota, we lost to them too. AT HOME. Let me first say that while resting shaq is good, some common sense should be used. you rest shaq against a playoff team in the west in the first night of a back-to-back? RIDICULOUS. what makes TP even more stupid is he played shaq two nights in a row, first against atlanta then against - the WIZARDS. Yes, dont play shaq in a potential playoff matchup because its a back to back but play him against the wizards. You go, TP.

 2. Terry Porter's poor rotations. Matt Barnes, who has been taking ill-advised shots, and shooting well below 40% still gets played 20 mins or more. Really? come on coach, i understand if hes in a slump but have you seen the shots he takes?

3. Coach TP's focus on DEFENSE. not only did our offense suffer, (from 1st last yr to 6th currently) but Terry Porter just slows down the pace a bit to make it SEEM like we are a better defensive team. its a shame then, that while we were a middle-of-the-pack defensive team under D' antoni, we currently are 25th in defensive efficiency. the knicks, btw, are 24th.

4. Terry Porter's ridiculous offensive system. I dont get who put in terry porter's head that he was a better offensive coach than d' antoni, but he sure fucked up our system bad. his new system "throw the ball to shaq and watch what happens" sure seems kind of stupid. we have a rejuvenated MVP center making his free throws, a 2-time MVP point guard, an all-star starter power forward, a dunk contest winner, a former rookie of the year, a former 6th man awardee, and throwing shaq the ball is the best you can do? COME ON. we are 6th in offensive efficiency, even though WITHOUT A DOUBT we possess the BEST OFFENSIVE TEAM IN THE HISTORY OF THE NBA. seriously: nash, mr. 50 - 40 - 90, barbosa, hill, amare, shaq, richardson?? are you kidding me, 6th???

5. Terry Porter's motivation skills. I especially love this. TP has done NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to motivate our suns. when we lose, he just shrugs it off and says "we got a good ole ass whipping". well whoop dee do, TP, you think maybe you should call out your players for not playing defense, instead of just standing on the sidelines looking like a fool?

6. Porter's many other idiotic moves. Hack-a-bowen? WTF? theres a reason no one has tried that before - ITS STUPID. it undermines the players. its like tellng them, we are better off getting bruce bowen to the line and hoping he misses than trying to get a defensive stop. im sure the players hate TP so much after costing them the game.

If you guys know any more bone-headed moves by TP, feel free to post them in the comments, im sure i missed a lot. id also like to add that ive been asking stan to get this site running: - he claims its too early, but i disagree. we have a good team, which is being run to the ground. COACHES HAVE BEEN FIRED FOR A LOT LESS.

what are we waiting for? making it as the 8th seed, getting tossed in the first round and rebuilding the team coz we lost again? Id much rather fire the coach, hire a new one (who although late in the season, can AT LEAST fix the kinks and/or rotations of porter) and we have a much better shot for the playoffs. or it could backfire, we dont make the playoffs and get a higher first round pick - both options i gladly prefer.

lets do this stan! lets start our campaign to fire terry porter!