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Suns fans, move beyond hating the Spurs

I am in Houston, TX right now at my brother-in-law's house after spending the last day and half driving a moving van from Phoenix. Don't worry, I am not moving to this armpit of America or anywhere else but I did get the chance to spend the entire day driving across Texas including a pass through San Antonio last night just about an hour before tip off.

Texas is very big and kind of strange and there's some obvious connections between living in this vast wasteland (I choose to Mess with Texas as often as possible) and the way the San Antonio Spurs play basketball.

Actually, there's no connection that I can think of as much as that would have been a smooth seque between explaining why I only got to see about the last 17 minutes of this game and what those 17 minutes and the reading about them and their fellow 31 minutes meant.

My general feeling about this game seems be shared from reading the comments and other writings from around the webs. It is time to move beyond simply hating the Spurs.

The same way at some point in your life as you grow up you go from hating your older brother for beating the tar out of you to grudingly accepting the fact that your older brother is in fact just plain better then you.

That doesn't change the fact that you want to beat him more then you might want to beat any of the other kids on the block. It just means that as you mature you come to respect and accept that he is your older brother and until he's put out to pasture you will always and forever be owned by him. It is simply the way of life. You will never be the alpha dog in this family as long as he's around.

That shouldn't stop you from enjoying your life and the games that you play and it shouldn't stop you from looking forward to playing with your big brother at any opportunity. You know you will play your best and you know he will too and when he beats you (again) you can move past your youthful hatred and simply accept your fate and be at peace with your place in this world.

oh, and WTF! was up with the hack-a-Bowen? Terry Porter, are you f-g kidding me? He may not be Steve Nash at the line but this guy is a proven clutch player who is not going to choke those opportunities like some rookie? You gave up easy points AND threw your own team out of rythym. It is getting increasingly difficult not to fire up the domain that I have been saving out of respect for your career and my natural inclination for patience over rashness. Please do not try that again. It wasn't funny and very well might have cost the game...

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