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Bullz @ Sunz

Da Bulls
Your Phoenix Suns
20-27 25-19

7:00 PM Mountain / 9:00 PM Eastern

Sunny 77 F High, Evening Clear, 48 F Low

Probable starters:
Derrick Rose
PG Steve Nash
Ben Gordon
SG Jason Richardson
Tyrus Thomas
SF Grant Hill
Luol Deng
PF Amar'e Stoudemire

Joakim Noah

C Shaq

Pregame Coverage: Yahoo! ESPN

Catch da Bullz fans here: Blogabull

Da Bulls are a team playing for the future, with the starting lineup's ages averaging 25 years old and no one over 28. So yeah, this will be another one of those youth vs. experience games. :rolleyes:

Derrick Rose is starting and Kirk Hinrich is coming off the bench. Da Bulls come in on the 4th game of an 7-game west coast road trip reminiscent of the Spurs annual Rodeo trip. Before the start of the roadtrip, da Bulls dropped a close one to the Hawks and got blown out by 20 points to the Raptors. On the trip, they came up short in a loss to the bottom-feeding timberpups. Rookie Head Coach Vinny Del Negro has been put on24-hour around the clock deathwatch at Blogabull following these losses. Da Bulls then came around and trashed some lightweight teams in the Clips and SacQueens, beating each team by a 20+ point margin.

Let's remember that the Suns have are 0.705 winning percentage in the Nash era. Let's forget that they are only 0.375 in the regular season against the Spurs. Let's also just forget that the Suns are 0.250 against the Spurs in the playoffs. Let's not have any hangovers and let's spank a young volatile team.

Remember, there's no reason to get into a Bulls hate frenzy b/c of '93. They are still our Iowa Energy partners. =)

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