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You people suck. Hard!

Until midnight people. Today. AZ Time. DO IT! DO IT NOW!

Before Christmas I tried to give away two tickets to a Suns game which came included and packaged with FREE T-SHIRTS.

All you people had to do was a simple lousy 140 character "essay" about the Suns.

That's 140 CHARACTERS. Not Words. Not Pages. Not sentences. 140 CHARACTERS.

You people blew it. No one. Not one single one of you could get off your collective lazy asses and type 140 characters. I write 140 characters before you sorry sacks of cow dung have crawled out of your momma's warm bed in the morning and put on your McUniform!

You make me want to PUKE! (btw - this youtube vid proves once again why the Internets aren't going away)

But it is a New Year and you get another chance. So bring it people!

You can do it. Put U back into it!




Here's How You Win

  • Twitter is a 140 character haiku like medium
  • This is a sarcastic blog dedicated to the Suns
  • You craft a 140 charater sarcastic essay on What the Suns Need to Do to Win the Ring
  • Submit your 140 Character essay in the comments of this story by midnight on December 24th January 7th.


Santa I will judge the entries and the winner will get....

Two Tickets to the Suns Tweetup!

which now ALSO includes some special alone time with Mr. Moron Genius himself!



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