moron point for kerr!

steve kerr, who wanted to instill defense in the suns, hired terry porter, a "defensive-minded" coach. the result? we are 24th in the league in defensive efficiency (down from approximately 15th last year), while the no "d" antoni coached knicks are 22nd.

yes, thats not a misprint. but wait. its not the fault of the GM right? even if he handpicked the coach, when so many high-profile guys were still on the table (avery johnson, tom thibodeau, scott skiles). so yes, our defense has gone to the crapper. but wait! theres more! our offense, number 1 last year, is now number 4. Hell no.



[Note by Phoenix Stan, 01/06/09 2:20 PM PST ]

I initially resisted issuing a Moron Point for statistical trends which reflect results over time and is antithetical to the event driving purpose of the Genius/Moron Point system.

However, the fact that the Knicks are a better defensive team then the Suns really can't be ignored. I do think the Sun defense is improving and I do think there are a lot of the story that stats don't explain (like the Suns having a far better record then the Knicks) but alas this couldn't be left unaddressed.

So, with some reluctance Steve Kerr is issued a Moron Point for putting together a Suns team that has a lower defensive rating then the 'Antoni led Knicks. Sorry Steve but facts is facts.