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Pregame podcast #6 - The Hick from French Lick Freestyle

Continuing with the trend started way back in 2008 before the Denver game here is yet another in the series of pregame podcasts with another team's blogger. Also known as PPWATB.

Today we were pleased to talk with Tom from the Indy Cornrows blog about the upcoming match up with the Pacers. By match up I mean a basketball game in which your Phoenix Suns play basketball. Against another team. Not practice. We are not talking about practice. A real live game. Against the Pacers. Tomorrow. Or today if you are reading this on Wednesday. I know. I'm just as shocked as you are. 

In this edition of the PPWATB (I am thinking that name isn't going to stick but I want to give it a fair shot) we discuss the destruction of our natural resources (corn rows) by encroaching urbanization along with the relative merits of Danny Granger versus Kevin Martin.

We talked about the score keepers at Conseco Field House jobbing A'm'a'r'e out of two points in the teams' last meeting and how that might set him off enough to turn Jeff Foster into a quivering puddle of goo.

Tom seems much more impressed with the new look Suns then many Suns fans and doesn't expect his team to put up much resistance to massive Phoenician front line who has been owning lesser teams in the paint.

Oh, I almost forgot. We learned that the boy from French Lick is down with the rapper from Detroit's 8 Mile. They have a lot in common. Read more about that mess here but first listen here.


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