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Buy your "Airless Amares" at the Suns Gift Shop!


On sale now!  Skip the Air Jordans and the Starbury shoes, yours truly, Amare Stoudemire, is coming out with his own line, the Airless Amares Concrete!   Like the Air Jordans, they do feature signature airpockets, but the main innovation is that these ones do not compress no matter how hard you run and jump in them.  So, there's no risk of popping an air bubble and having the shoe go all squishy on you like in those early cheap Air brands!  

You might have missed it, but Amare was sporting a pair of Airless Amares in the first half.  As with all Amar'e products, they are the ultimate in style, but a tag sluggish.

It's hard to blame Amare for his 23 and 11, particularly given that he was the focal point of the Pacers' defense.  He didn't play badly at all.  His 4th quarter thunder dunks were awesome.   However, he came out and seemed to play the first half as a mere mortal.  On a day when I was looking for a solid repeat performance, it just didn't happen.  On some plays, it looked as if he was stuck to the floor.  

Has Black Jesus forgotten his divinity?

The first day of the Amare Initiative was a sad one.  As all the fans have said today, Amare, please bring back the goggles!!

BallHype: hype it up!

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