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and the winner of the Suns tickets is....

It took some digital abuse but you people came through. At least ten of you did which is 90% of our regular readers (not really but sometimes the sarcasm just slips out without my knowing it).

The winner will receive tickets to the first ever (as in EVER anywhere EVER) Suns tweetup game which comes with all kinds of extra goodies which can be envied over here (Tickets are still available. I think.)

There were several very good entries and I thought about putting it to a vote but in the end decided that democracy, like blogging is overrated. So I went old school dictator on this one knowing that only the winner will be sitting next to me next week while the losers will remain stowed safely away in their mothers' basements.

and the winner is....

To Nash & Shaq: Embrace your inner role player. With pride and humility accept Black Jesus as your Savior. Make him who he needs to be.

by bangbang240

This entry captured the essance of the tweet while remaining 100% on topic. The final push over the top was that the answer agrees completely with my views of what the Suns need to do to win.

I said it before the season started and still think that this team will go as far as Amare can take them. Kind of scary isn't it?

other notable responses were....

41 years is way too long. Recipe: Remove ex-Bulls and bankers. Throw in a clothesline and Nash’s ’96 locks. Stir. In seven seconds. Or less.

by DerekDC

This was probably the best written response (it came from a professional ECME journalist) but is completely wrong when it comes to content. 7SOL didn't and won't win the ring.

To win it all, the Suns must mediate “undeniably one of the most talented” and “tough to stay motivated”. Yes, Amar’e, this one’s for you.

by iamtrevorpaxton

This one's very good but I had to read it a few times to get it. Tweets and twitter are all about low brain power comprehension.

Thanks to everyone else who participated or at least enjoyed being berated.

I was surprised how many people liked being abused. On second thought, it makes sense that you internet geek types sitting in the dark with your one handed keyboards would enjoy being dominated virtually by a guy named Stan. Expect more bitches!


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