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Time to Give Back: SB Nation DonorsChoose Challenge!

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I have to say, this is pretty disappointing,  4 Donors (only 3 of whom are not named Stan)?

I am not looking for big donations here. You can give a buck. One dollar. Just click through and change the amount to say "$1". That is all. $1.

Thanks to those (3) of you who have donated so far but...

I offered the "carrot" of the opportunity to attend a Suns practice with me (an offer which the Suns organization graciously agreed to support).

Now I am offering the "stick"

If we don't get 20 donors by October 16th this site will do dark for two weeks

$1 dollar. 20 times. That can't possibly be too much to ask from you people.

Make it happen


We here at SB Nation have decided to use our unquestioned control over you, the reader, for good instead of evil, and as such are presenting the 1st Annual SB Nation DonorsChoose Challenge. For those of you who haven't heard of DonorsChoose, they're an organization that solicits requests from teachers for supplies their school districts don't have the money to provide. Then they allow the greater internets to pick a classroom and donate cash to get the supplies they need.

So what we've done, like many blogs across the internet, is set up individual challenge pages for each of the participating blogs. Here's ours.

I've thrown up a few classrooms in Arizona looking for various things that kids need. I picked a project from Osborn Middle School in Central Phoenix; Maryvale High School (where I went); and a project related to giving kids basketballs!!!

So if you feel like it, toss them some money.

And if you don't feel like giving money, then you are a bum!

The cool thing about this is that it doesn't take much to help these kids. If every visitor to this site gave just a few dollars those kids would quickly get the equipment they need in the classroom.

To make it even more enticing, one donor at random will be chosen to attend a Phoenix Suns practice session as my guess and of course the guest of the Phoenix Suns.

Thank you, Phoenix Suns!!

So there you go. Do some good, get some stuff. If you've got a bit of disposable cash, consider tossing it some kids' way. Just click on the link below to go to the Bright Side of the Sun Giving Page.

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