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For Jared Dudley "Fan Connection" is a Career Strategy

Jared Dudley's use of twitter is all part of his plan to help him stay in the league. Photo by Max Simbron
Jared Dudley's use of twitter is all part of his plan to help him stay in the league. Photo by Max Simbron

No player has jumped on the twitter-wagon as fast and as hard as fast as Phoenix Suns reserve forward Jared Dudley (aka @JaredDudley619). Jared has aggressively put himself out there interacting with fans during both scheduled live twitter chats and also engaging in back and forth banter on a regular basis.

Yesterday, I tweeted the fun fact that Dudley was leading the NBA in steals per game. He "retweeted" that little tidbit which drew a friendly admonishment from the LA Time's basketball journalist J.A. Adande, "@JaredDudley619 You cant retweet your own stats!"

Jared in his usual playful style fired right back, "why not lol I might not ever lead the NBA in anything again lmao$"

Anyone who's listened to Jared's rapid fire style of speaking and seen his quick wit in action and can instantly see why twitter is such a great format for him but I suspected there was a little more to it than that.

After the Suns shoot around today I asked JD about the Jared Dudley brand, "So what I'm trying to do is brand my name and also pump our team up. A lot my stuff has to do with the Suns fans interacting...That helps your brand and also lets people see your personality outside of basketball."

Even though he's going into this season with an established role on the team and expects to play every night, Jared understand the more he can do to connect with fans the more valuable he will be to his team. And that will certainly help his career, "In the NBA and NFL they want guys that are good character guys. And you see guys that play 10 to 12 years and you see how they do it. They don't get in trouble, they're good around the community and they're good locker room guys and that's what I am trying to do."

Last season Jared quickly became a fan favorite for his on the court hustle and his smart play. Now in his first full year with the Suns he's looking to take that to another level by combining his active defense and occasional offense with his natural out-going personality.

Suns fans are in for a real treat with Jared which is all part of his plan to help him stay in the league.

There are a lot of talented guys at his position looking to take those minutes. Jared clearly understands that what he brings to the team off the court can certainly compliment was he's doing in the game.

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