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Daily Links: Training Camp Day 2 Exclusive Interviews

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  • The NBA's Swine Flu Plan - TrueHoop By Henry Abbott - ESPN
    How the NBA plans on keeping The Pig Flu at bay....good tips for you and I as well like don't swap spit with your office mates and don't touch anyone and don't leave home without your bio-hazard suit
  • Porter reflects on stint as Suns coach
    Porter didn't have much to say in the way juicy details. No talk of Shaq and Nash locker room brawls. No reports of Sarver jamming a foam finger in his face. Just the basics on a failed relationship


and from our friends as Sports 620 KTAR we bring you yesterdays Training Camp Audio. Interviews you can only hear in full right here at Bright Side of the Sun!

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Steve Kerr


Alvin Gentry


Jared Dudley


Louis Amundson

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