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Earl Clark Enjoying Suns Training Camp

Earl Clark getting his first taste of NBA life. Photo by Max Simbron
Earl Clark getting his first taste of NBA life. Photo by Max Simbron

Listening to this interview with Suns rookie Earl Clark I am reminded of a certain former Phoenix player who also muttered a bit when he talked. Unlike that other guy who wore #31, Clark hasn't yet developed the humor and light-hearted nature to go along with his laid back persona.

Lets just hope he brings anywhere close to the same level of effort on the court as The Matrix.

Earl talked to the media after training camp today about how he's learning the Suns system which he says is pretty easy since he just takes open shots and how he understands that his defense is what's going to get him on the floor. He sounds like he's taking it all in and learning from the team's vets, especially Grant Hill.

Clark says that the mistakes that he's making on the court in practice are mostly coming from thinking too much.

The rookie is also feeling the effects of two-a-days as he talked about a missed open dunk, "You don't realize how heavy your legs is until you go up there...I got up fast but I also came down fast."

Then again, maybe Earl already is showing signs of being a funny guy.

Audio provided by Sports 620 KTAR


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Earl Clark talking about his rookie hazing. Dressing up in a banana costume to go out to for a meal doesn't exactly strike me as particularly harsh. Now, if had to wash Lou's sweaty shorts that would be cruel


Taylor Griffin likes Grant Hill. Shocking, huh


Leandro Barbosa misses being back in Brasil for the big Olympic celebration with Rio being awarded the 2016 games. LB will be 33 years old for those games. It's kind of hard to imagine little LB as a grisly old vet...


Dragic thinks things will be much easier for him this season. He says he was "scared" last season but is looking forward to this season being much easier. As for playing with Steve Nash, Dragic is, "Going to try and use him."


Gentry talks about the team scrimmage scheduled for Saturday. Coach says that Clark will have to earn his minutes but so far he's been doing well and has had good focus which was a concern. Gentry said that Earl will, "Float a bit if you let him." The coaching staff will stay on him to try and build that consistency.

Coach singled out Jason Richardson for his effort and defense in camp so far and came in to camp in great shape.

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