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Steve Kerr Weekly Check-in: Replacement Refs Lack Expertise

Steve Kerr on his regular weekly check-in with Sports 620 KTAR's Doug and Wolf show had some interesting things to say about the replacement referees.

Asked about how the game is different for the players with the replacement referee's, Kerr talked about how players lack a comfort level because they don't know what to expect given the lack of relationships with the officials.

"Some of them you trust, some of them you don't but at least you know what you are getting into," Kerr said about the regular NBA officials.

Kerr went on to say this, "In some ways the replacement referees were good because they didn't have the preconceived notions that some of the establish ref's do. You didn't ever get the sense that a star was going to get a call with these guys. They just kind of called what they saw. Unfortunately, they're not nearly as good because they lack the experience, they lack the expertise that the main guys do but it was really interesting to watch the last few weeks."

The question now will be if the league fines Kerr for these comments which weren't all that different from what Stan Van Gundy said a few days ago. Stan was fined $35,000 for these comments which to me is ridiculous and it would be equally ridiculous if Kerr was fined for his comments this morning. But you just never know what David Stern is going to do when it comes to these things.


Other thoughts from Kerr:

  • The objectives for preseason were to improve defensively. make sure everyone knows what they are doing teamwise; develop young guys; and reestablish amare. Kerr thinks they've done those things
  • In last night's game vs the Kings he thought the team took step back defensively but was happy with the way Amare attacked rim and called Dragic's game a bright spot
  • Overall, Kerr said the Suns were getting better but there's more work to do
  • Nash left the game in the 3rd quarter with a mild sprain but he's fine. Kerr reported that Nash joked about being a "game time decision" to keep 'em on age in his hometown Vancouver game
  • Asked about DeJaun Blair (who Doug and Wolf lobbied hard for), Kerr said he was too risky to take with the #14 pick but that the Suns tried to trade up to get him early in the 2nd round but it didn't happen
  • The rotations for last night were close to what we will see in the regular season. The Suns feel Clark isn't ready for big minutes and said Amundson is far more prepared for those minutes. Kerr said Clark has a lot to learn
  • Robin Lopez is ahead of schedule in his recovery but they don't want too bring him back too fast. The Suns are targeting Dec 1st.
  • Kerr said the Suns need Robin because they are getting out rebounded and dont have length inside. The plan all along was to have Robin and Channing as a tandem at the center position
  • Kerr called Channing best shooting big man besides Dirk and while he stretches the floor, he doesn't have the rebound ability and size


Full audio provided by Sports 620 KTAR

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