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Deadspin and Donaghy: Be Careful What You Believe

I am not saying everything that convicted felon Tim Donaghy wrote is automatically a lie but I would highly advise taking all of it with a big lick of salt.

Lets also not forget that reputable publishers turned down this book and left it to Deadspin to publish online. Online! Everyone knows you can't believe anything you read ONLINE! (especially from online outfits who thinks it's cool to publish wild ass rumors about a competitor)

I am not even going to link to this trash. You can find it yourself and feel free to use it to look back and find more reasons why the Suns were victimized by the league, or the officials, or the evil empire if that's what floats your boat.

We now return to celebrating the opening day of the Suns 2009/10 season.

F$%k You very much, Tim Donaghy.

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 10/28/09 6:09 PM MST ]

Of course, with anything this..explosive there's going to be a wide variety of opinions. Here's another take

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