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Game Thread: Suns vs Warriors

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Golden State Warriors
@ Phoenix Suns

Friday, Oct 30, 2009, 8:00 PM MDT
US Airways Center

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Pregame Notes From Coach Gentry:

  • Transition Defense is #1 key for Suns D then defensive rebounding
  • Offensive, look for the Suns to pound it inside and not try and match-up with Warrior if they go super small
  • Gentry said once again that he's been impressed with Amare's effort to get better defensively. He said that Amare's worked harder his preseason than he ever has before
  • Gentry said that Amare has 8 charges in the last 9 games
  • Talking about the lack of fast break points, Coach pointed out that the Clippers were focused on getting back in transition but that hurt them on the glass. Teams can either pound the Suns on the glass or get hurt in transition, per Gentry