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Robert Sarver Goes Blue On Local Radio

Anyone who's seen Phoenix Suns Managing Partner Robert Sarver sitting court-side for a game knows that he's not one to keep his thoughts to himself.

Today he might just have stepped in it during a radio interview with Sports 620 KTAR.

At around the 10 minutes mark of his interview, Sarver (after a little discussion about a Michael Jackson tribute) asks host John Gambadoro quite the personal question.

"Gambo, your wife uses a white glove doesn't she?"

After an awkward pause, Gambro tried to play it off joking about cleaning but then he decides to fire right back, "By the way, I think I left my watch at your house the other day."

Sarver takes the bait, "My wife said that was a fun 30 seconds."

Isn't it great to have an owner who is just willing to say pretty much anything on the air?

Who said talk radio was boring...