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Phoenix Suns Preseason Game #1: Partizan Belgrade

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This collection of Serbian studovic's will take on the Phoenix Suns in the team's first preseason game. via <a href=""></a>
This collection of Serbian studovic's will take on the Phoenix Suns in the team's first preseason game. via

I'm not going to lie to you. I know more about the Fort Wayne Mad Ants then I do about the team the Phoenix Suns are facing to kick off the 2009 exhibition season.

Pretty much all I can tell you about Partizan Belgrade is that Suns Coach Igor Kokoskov once played for them and their roster has the largest concentration of players who names end in "ić" (10 of 12) this side of the Croatian National Team.

That is assuming of course that this wikipedia roster of their team is up-to-date.

Since I won't be attending tonight's "ić-fest" to provide you with any locker room insight or court-side pronunciation tips, I will take this opportunity to say a few things about preseason:

  • If you are a player who's over the age of about 25 and have played more than about 3 years in the league what you do in preseason is pretty much meaningless
  • Sure, Amare needs to work himself back in shape but don't blow your orange lid if he goes 2-36 and gets dunked on by Nemanja Bešović
  • At least for this Suns roster there's only a couple of guys that might be worth watching in preseason and one of them already broke his foot so that leaves...
  • Goran Dragic. How Mr. Slovenia looks this preseason might actually give us some insight into how much he's developed this summer. I won't care so much about his points, turnovers or assists but I do want to see him play with some swagger
  • Earl Clark. Honestly, I kind of feel like I've seen all I need to see from Clark in Vegas. The kid's got all five tools and the question for him is can he put it together over the course of an NBA season. I am sure he's going to do some amazing things over these next few games but honestly, I don't care. I want to know how he looks in early February after the excitement has worn off and he's cashed a few of those big pay checks
  • Alando Tucker. Again, I think we know what Tuck can do and I fully expect him to have another great preseason. I also fully expect that it won't matter too much unless the Suns are showcasing him for a trade. He's just too deep in the depth chart right now
  • Lou and JD. I group these guys together because they each will have the opportunity to show us pretty much the same thing. Has Lou improved his odds of making a few throw to a ratio greater than a coin toss? Can JD stop tweeting long enough to actually hit that corner three he's been talking so much about? Will either of these guys demonstrate that they have a speed other than "balls-out"?
  • The goals for everyone else on the team is this. DON'T GET HURT

While I am selfishly choosing to attend my 12 year old daughter's school concert instead of going to the 1st Annual Phoenix Claššić, we will be getting exclusive photo's from the game in which you will see the Whitest Team West of Latvia vs. Your Phoenix Suns!


and btw, about 15 years ago when I lived in Germany I used to frequent a Serbian restaurant. The food was good. It had flavor which is more than I can say about German cooking. I think we all can agree that qualifies me as the staff cultural expert when it comes to all things Serbia.

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