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Steve Nash: Film Maker, Fruit Wrangler, Product Pimp

Ever wonder where viral marketing starts? How about right here.

This morning I received a mysterious email offering to send me a video taken by #13 himself of a certain rookie hazing incident during Suns training camp that involved our young Suns dressed up like various food items for a night on the town.

I dug a little and quickly learned that this is all tied to a online social media thing that Nash is obviously associated with. If you went to the site of the company who passed on my offer to promote their product for a fee (I am a capitalist after all) you would see Steve's name displayed prominently.

While I can't absolutely say this clip indeed came from the MVP Film Maker himself, I think it did. It has that Nash-like quality that we've come to recognize in his artistic commercial work. And if it didn't come from Nash? Oh, well...

If you look real close you will see the last known footage of Robin Lopez walking before his foot snapped.




If the video player doesn't work for you click here to see the movie

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