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Suns Exterminate the Pests 124-104

The New Orleans Hornets look dejected before the game even started and it was downhill from there as the 8-1 Suns ran them out of the building 124-104. (Photo by Max Simbron)
The New Orleans Hornets look dejected before the game even started and it was downhill from there as the 8-1 Suns ran them out of the building 124-104. (Photo by Max Simbron)

There really should be a like a book of cliche headlines for games like this.

How about this one? "Hornets Stung by Suns" or "Flaming Suns Devour Hornets in Blazing Ball of Death"

Good? No. I didn't think so but honestly there's not much more to say about a game like this. Tell you what, leave your cliche headline in the comments and we'll pick the best one and a prize will be awarded!

Hornets - Not Quite As Dysfunctional As the Warriors But Still Reeking With Dead Spirit

Hornets Coach Byron Scott after spending an awful long time in his visitor locker office emerged to provide this insight into his team's performance, "I thought we came in and took a major step backward in all areas; from the defensive end, from a physical standpoint, from a pick and roll defense and our blocking out out was just terrible. They took advantage of every opportunity."

As great as the Suns are playing right now - 50% from three are you kidding me? - the Hornets get to own this blowout loss. When you run a zone against the best outside shooting team in the game you deserve to take some flack.

Chris Paul said that it was just one of those games and didn't signify any deeper issues with his team but Steve Nash has a nose for smelly chemistry and he got a wiff of something nasty,

"I think contrary to what we're doing they don't seem like they have quite the same energy, spirit about them and belief that they had last year. I feel for them because I've been there but they're a capable bunch and they can turn it around."

Boom roasted!

When Steve Nash tells you your team is lacking in spirit it might be time to call the basketball equivalent of the Ghost Busters and find a way to rid your team of its demon(s).






On the court the dejection which was evident even before the game started lead to the Suns pounding the snot out of the Hornets in the paint. New Orleans isn't the biggest team in the league but for them to get out-rebounded by the Suns 23-9 in the first half is pretty disgraceful which Paul acknowledged, "Rebounding was an issue for us tonight."

I would say so.

Paul talked a lot about his team's inability to defend the ball screens the Suns were running and overall said that his team had a lot of work to do defensively.

I would say so. Again.

On the Phoenix side the tone was set when Nash was smiling and joking before the game and ran right through his ankle breaking cross-over on Paul to Lou's big blocks and more Dudley hustle plays. Even Jarron Collins had 2 points as 8 of his teammates scored in double figures in a balanced box score lead by Amare's 21 points on 8 of 10 attempts.Amare2_medium

Amare was uber-efficient offensively against Okafor and tore David West apart on the glass. He might of only recorded 6 rebounds in 25 minutes but his activity was responsible for several extra possessions. He was virtually Dudley-esque in his effort level and even gave a salute to the crowd in honor of Veterans Day after throwing down a massive jam.

In the end the entire fourth quarter was garbage time and the Suns were able to limit Nash to only 22 minutes (during which time he was still able to record 12 points and 10 assists) which left 25 for Dragic. Goran did have 6 turnovers but he also had 7 assists and 7 rebounds along with 14 points. At one point before the game was in total joke mode he was 3 for 4 behind the line including a step back three in Chris Paul's face.

That extra rest should bode well for tomorrow's measuring stick game with the hated Los Angeles Lakers.

Leandro Barbosa Wrist Update

Barbosa said after the game that his wrist is stiff and swollen. It is still bothering him to catch the ball and he said it is impacting his shot. Friday the doctor is going to drain the fluid to reduce the swelling which hopefully will help.

Leandro is trying to stay positive in spite of the pain, "We're doing so good I just got to play with the flow and have a great time that we've been doing so far."

Leandro confirmed that he is doing a charity event in December to benefit the Desert Mountain States Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. His mother passed away last year from Leukemia.


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