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Daily Links: Where Losing is all Part of the Plan

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Just kidding. Of course, losing sucks and of course losing to the Lakers sucks even extra bad and to get blown out...well, that just sucks.

BUT - as I said, it is not a bad thing either. There is a silver lining. This team has work to do. It needs to get better defensively and the offense needs to face a tough, focused and prepared defense like it did last night. Boston might be the best defensive team in the league but they didn't have three full days to prepare for the Suns. The Lakers did and it showed.

It was a humbling experience and as along as the team treats it as an opportunity to improve it will be beneficial in the long run. And besides, do the Suns really want that target on their back this early in the season?

Underdog suits us. Flying under the radar causes less turbulence.

The Suns are better than we all thought they would be but they are not (yet) on par with the Lakers. Especially, after playing 7 games in 10 days and especially without Robin Lopez who will be the difference maker!

Next up - Rest. Suns are taking the day off.


Recap coming soon from our very own international point guard super star - Panama Sun (he's a Suns fan - from Panama!)

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SUNS: Postgame Quotes: Suns @ Lakers, 11/12/2009
Phoenix Suns Coach Alvin Gentry on tonight’s game being a back-to-back and the effect it had: "It is tough, unfortunately we will play them again on the back-to-backs. But they are great, they are the world champs and there is a reason why they are the world champs. Like I said I don’t know where their weakness is really. They are going to be a handful for whoever plays them.

We ran out of gas, we really did, the bottom line is that we missed shots that we normally made, I am not sure we quite had our legs, I am not making excuses because they are a great team, they defended the heck out of us, but we can usually stay in and make some of those shots. I have to give them credit because they are a great team and we have three more shots at them. It’s been tough, we started out in Miami and we ended up in Los Angeles over a 10-day period and in between we decided to stop in Orlando, Boston, Washington, and Philadelphia. It is tough."

  • Suns can't hang with Lakers in LA
    The world-champion Los Angeles Lakers, with all their size and Kobe Bryant, are tough to beat on their home floor. The second night of a back-to-back set is a load for the Suns to handle on the road.
  • Gentry defends fun-and-gun style
    The best sign that the Suns' play is making an impression in the NBA is that people are starting to ask again if their style of play can win a championship. The Suns have barely returned to playing the fun and gun, let alone succeeding in it, and the title questions have re-emerged. "Everybody talks about this system not being able to win championships, so I guess the only system people should play is the triangle," Suns coach Alvin Gentry said. "I don't understand that. The Lakers played this style with Magic (Johnson), Byron Scott and James Worthy.
  • Postgame Thread: Lakers Trounce Suns - Silver Screen and Roll
    Discuss the Lakers rout of the Phoenix Suns.
  • Basketbawful
    Amar'''''''''e Stoudemire: In the Suns's hot 8-1 start, one thing stuck out in their only loss to Orlando. It's the only game Goggles played this season with over 20 FGA, finishing 10-21 from the field. So why not bang it inside for Stoudemire against Bynum, Artest and Odom? Amare went a paltry 2-11 in the 1st quarter. By the way, the Suns are 33-36 in games where Stoudamire attempts at least 20 shots. Thankfully he stopped tonight at 2-15. But bang it on the inside you say? Prior to this game this season, 42% of Stat's shots were jumpers, at 42.9% eFG%. Finally: 2NDQ, 3:12 PHO - A. Stoudemire misses a slam dunk
  • SUNS: Suns Stumble Against Lakers
    This is interesting...

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 11/13/09 8:21 AM MST ]

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 11/13/09 9:53 AM MST ]

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 11/13/09 1:53 PM MST ]


I am not one to bag on refs but this is just funny...h/t to Jello's Jiggling

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