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Game Thread: Suns vs Grizzlies

Final - 11.25.2009 1 2 3 4 Total
Memphis Grizzlies 27 22 28 34 111
Phoenix Suns 27 33 38 28 126

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Looking at this Grizzlies roster you can't help but be (mildly) impressed. Mayo, Gay, Gasol and Zebo are ballers and in the case of Zach also fighters. But once you get past their starters it goes downhill and fast.

The front court reserves include DeMarre Carroll who I am just going to admit not knowing at all. I watch a lot of basketball and pay pretty close attention to these things so running across a name that I don't recognize is kind of...odd. Along with the mystery Carroll is Thabeet and Haddadi who represent the tallest pair of slow footed and awkward Centers since I don't know when. Perhaps though we will get to check in with former Sun Steven Hunter. That might be fun.

In the back court they've replaced AI with a guy that might be even more wacky and far less talented in Jamal Tinsley. This is guy that the Pacers - not exactly a top team - paid to stay away from their team for something like two years. The only guy that really intrigues me is rookie Sam Young who joins Thaddeus and Nick in a trio of young talented Young's.

With that mishmash of bench beef, I am going to go with the Jared Dudley + Goran Dragic Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire pairing for my Predicted Players of the Game.

Coaches Notes:

  • Lionel Hollins was asked for a comment on Allen Iverson's retirement. "I have none". He then went on to talk about how plenty of guys retire while they can still play but the don't have the mental desire to do the work and deal with the travel
  • Hollins of course cited the Suns pace and tempo as a key point for his team. He wants the Grizzlies to not take quick shots and not turn the ball over
  • The Grizzlies are averaging 50 point in the paint per game which is 2nd in the league behind (I have no clue). They play inside out
  • Coach Gentry stressed once again that you can't over look any NBA team and address comments that the Grizzlies haven't beaten any good team in their recent 4 out of 5 wins by saying that the last time he checked they didn't play a single Pac 10 team
  • Gentry brought up the Hornets yet again saying yet again that they beat the Hawks after beating us and stressed how good Collinson is. Honestly he's sounding a bit defensive about that loss but I haven't seen anyone attack the Suns for dropping that game
  • Gentry loves Marc Gasol and calls him a very underrated player who can do a lot of things and has mastered the "Euro flop"
  • Suns will play Frye on Gasol but will also double him and play zone as needed. In the locker room one of the notes on the white board says "don't let Gasol dominate the game"
  • Grizzlies strengths are Suns weakness - specifically offensive rebounding
  • Robin Lopez won't play tonight but will play Friday unless he eats too much Turkey. Those are Gentry's words
  • Gentry has been saying all week that Robin isn't the Cavalry. Expectations are being down-played and I think reasonably so. Robin deserves some time to get back into the swing

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