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Hope versus Expectations -- Another Poll

"Do not expect too much from me, and you will not be let down." I love typing, saying, humming and singing that Gin Blossoms lyric.

I'm looking around and seeing posts about Earl Clark and rivalries and Skywalker/Yoda allusions to the Lakers. I had been thinking about this and it was about time to chime in.

What would you rather have?

The Suns' fans have hope. It was a dismal (well, relatively dismal) 2008-2009 campaign and no one's expectations were buoyed by the off-season moves.

Things are fun again. Kind of like D'Antoni's first two years. The sell-outs are coming back, traffic to this site in increasing and Phoenicians are once again talking about the Suns around the water coolers in the month of November. Just as the Cardinals were posed to become relevant happy hour conversation, that other No. 13 has pushed the Suns back into beer-induced delusions of granduer on Friday afternoons.

If the 2006-2007 Suns were 11-3, we'd be talking about how they don't have the fortitude to close-out inferior teams like New Orleans. We'd be saying (which we were saying) that the Suns failed to come up big against the elite (being 1-2 against the best 3 teams they have faced). Success leads to expectations, expectations leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. Of course, if you're just happy to be there, you'll likely get zapped by blue lightning.

Now, however ... well, you're paying attention.

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