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Daily Links: Where Amare Pimps Ink But Not A Hippopotamus!

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Makes me want to hug my dog and then run out and get a new tattoo..via <a href=""></a>
Makes me want to hug my dog and then run out and get a new tattoo..via


If you didn't get the Hippo reference than you obviously don't have young children...don't sweat it. In fact enjoy it because when you do that joke will be even less funny.

Which brings us to our All Star, All NBA Twitter Rebel Amare Stoudemire who I seem recall tweeting in defense of Michael Vick this summer...

Mike Vick to Philly,Welcome Back Vick. Stay up, Don't sweat these haters. It's the Most High then Family. Everyone else will watch you shine

You know, I am not even going to stress over this. When your team is 14 and 3 you can afford a little wishy-washy on the very complicated subject of animal rights. It's not like it's a black and white issue...

Relevant links in case none of that made sense:

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 11/30/09 3:28 PM MST ]

This just in....not good news - Barbosa expected to miss 2-4 weeks blogs - Coro's Suns dish - PaulCoro - Latest on Barbosa, STAT
Suns guard Leandro Barbosa is probably looking at missing two to four weeks of games because of the left ankle sprain he suffered in the fourth quarter of Sunday's loss at Toronto.

More Links (that make even more sense when you consider the trend this season of the Suns beating the crap out of teams and leaving fans, players and coaches shivering in their wake...)


Al McCoy on Sports 620 KTAR recaping yesterday's game...why? Because it's Al McCoy!

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