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When Lawyers Rule the World...This Happens

Thanks to our friends at Binary Basketball, we learn today that the legal eagles over have this policy in place on their web site's terms and conditions.

As you will see, I can't actually link to their linking policy without being in violation of their policy on linking which states that by linking to them (in accordance with their linking policy) that I have accepted their terms and conditions with regards to the aforementioned policy on linking, links, linkage, linkering, linkermania, and any and all off spring of the term "link" whether in use currently or at any time in the future. Ever.

Here's the good parts...

E. All links to Site from a Permissible Site must be to the Site's home page or to the homepage of a particular team -- links to internal pages within the Site (e.g., a player page, a photo gallery or a feature article) other than to the home page of a team are not permitted.

F. The posting or creation of any link to the Site signifies that you have read these Linkage Restrictions and agree to abide by their terms.

When you think about it, this makes perfect sense.

Why would the NBA want a site like ours to link to the player page of Steve Nash when instead we could be linking to the SBN, ESPN, Yahoo! or CBS Sports player page of Steve Nash?

Can I even use the phrase, "Steve Nash"? I better check the terms and conditions covering the use of property owned by the NBA.

Clearly, anything the NBA can do to make it more difficult to talk about their sport is going to benefit their sport. Clearly.

In other related news, Bright Side of the Sun has instituted a new policy in our terms in conditions stating that any time you type, speak or think about Bright Side of the Sun you must stand on your left foot and touch your nose. Your use of the Internet at any time for any reason implies your consent with this policy.

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