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Group Night @ the Suns: Discount Tickets! Hurry! Hurry ! Hurry!

It's pretty obvious that I don't write ad copy even though I feel I would have made a great Mad Man for other reasons.

The bottom line is this: Based on your feedback I fronted some $ to secure us 50 - Five O - seats for the January 23 game versus the Warriors. This is a Saturday game so no excuses!

Plus, these seats are HEAVILY discounted!

There are 24 seats in the upper deck and 24 in the lower. Both sets of 24 are together.

We are partnering with the other Suns blogs to blow this mother out! So now you - YOU - need to step up and do your part.



Blog Night at the Suns includes:


*Group Discount Ticket Rate

*Sit together with group

*Everyone gets a Suns drawstring bag


*If we can get 50 RSVP’s then entire group will get early entry to come in and watch the players warm-up from the first rows in the lower level and then take a group photo with 2 Suns dancers.


We need you to order your tickets ASAP within the next few days or this entire thing is not going to happen!! Get on it. DO. NOT. WAIT!


If When we have enough people we will also figure out some kind of pre-game watering hole gathering as well where you will get to both drink and meet me. Hopefully in that order.



To Order Click Here!!!!




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