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Game Thread: Suns vs Spurs

Final - 12.15.2009 1 2 3 4 Total
San Antonio Spurs 17 35 32 20 104
Phoenix Suns 28 39 22 27 116

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Coaches Notes:

  • Both coaches spent a bit of time talking about each other. Their history goes back 30 plus years to Kansas St
  • Gentry said that any time a guy has a Russian Literature degree you know he's going to do something special
    J-Rich will give it a go and see how he does
  • Gentry called the Spurs the smartest team in the league as far as gamesmanship. He said they don't beat themselves
  • Gentry has a home in San Antonio still and spends some time there but not much anymore
  • Asked if he ever talks to Duncan about that three in the 2008 playoff series Gentry said, "I don't talk about that"
  • Gentry said they would try everything with the Spurs and that Pop is a "straight line guy" who will make you adjust to him

You really have to listen to this interview of Popovich yourself. Hilarious (best part about Nash is at the end)

  • First Pop slams me for asking him how he plans on defending Channing at the three asking why I was special enough to tell me. I thought it was funny but he looked pretty serious. That's Pop. Poorly worded question gets slapped back hard. Love it.
  • I later asked about Nash's tweet from this morning about his unusual employment history. First Pop goes off on Nash for tweeting - "Steve Nash should not tweet. He's a competitor, not a tweeter" and then gave a great answer about scouting Soviet basketball courts.
  • "He's absolutely correct. I spent all my military time in Russian basketball courts in different cities collecting as many out of bounds plays as I possibly could."

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