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Preview: Suns vs Gilbert Arenas

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Coming off what Coach Gentry called the most disappointing loss of the season, the Suns had the day off Friday and a shoot around this morning in preparation for their 10th home game of the season.

And in case you've not been paying attention the Suns are undefeated at home this season. And they are mad. And they are playing the Wizards who lost six straight (including defeats to the Clippers, Pacers and Kings) before beating up on the lowly Warriors last night. And did I mention the Wizards played last night in Oakland and Arenas and Butler played 40+ minutes and Jamison logged 36 despite suffering a shoulder stinger (no idea what that is but it sound stingy).

The good folks over at Bullets Forever seem excited that Gilbert is back stating their case quite simply:

It's the Warriors, but welcome back, Gilbert Arenas!!

Gilbert had 45 points and 13 assist and Butler chipped in 28 and 10 of his own. But of course, just like Jenning's double-nickle it comes against the Warriors who basically played a combination of 4 guards (Ellis, Curry, Marrow and Watson) a small forward (Maggette) an undersized and underage power forward (Randolph) and got 16 minutes from an expiring contract (Radmonovic). And the Wiz still struggled to win only pulling away for good in the final few minutes.

Forgive me if I don't run and hide based on the Wizards results against that group.

That's not to say the Wizards can't beat the Suns but they shouldn't and if they do it will come from the inside play of Haywood and Blatche.

Jason Richardson will reportedly start tonight after missing Thursday game with a sprained right hand.

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