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This is what accountability looks like

You learn a lot about people (and organizations) by watching how they deal with failure. Count among the list of impressive Suns accomplishments this season the willingness of the team's leaders to openly criticize the team's failures.

We saw it after the New Orleans game when Steve Nash said the team had got "fat and cozy" with their record and the Suns responded by winning their next four games by an average of 23 points.

After last night's debacle of a game in New York we are hearing more of the same. Emphasis on more and it starts at the top:

Steve Kerr said, ""We were so late on rotations in the first half. That defensive performance was an embarrassment in the first quarter especially and it just set the tone for the whole night."

Coach Gentry said, "We didn’t play real well and I’m disappointed. It’s not a very good feeling."

Nash said, "’s all the layups and hustle plays and not getting back on defense that kill you. They just played harder than we did. We’re embarrassed and have to pick ourselves up."

I don't recall this kind of public self flagellation after blow out losses in years past. Instead of blaming "energy" or making excuses about being on the road or missing players due to the injury we get an honest and open assessment.

For the first time in a long time I get the sense that when the Suns fall down, and they will fall down again, they are far more aware and upset about their short-comings then the fans.

That's a good thing and that gives me confidence that the team will bounce back tonight against the Cavs and that the team will continue to improve as the season progresses.

No excuses. Accountability. Honesty.

Those are refreshing changes from the Kerr/Gentry/Nash regime and signs of a champion.

This team is far from being considered a contender for a title this season but if they keep playing as hard as they have and they continue to demonstrate a winning attitude then the results this spring will be much easier to swallow even if that means an early exit from the post-season.


Steve Kerr on Sports 620 KTAR


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