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Preview: Suns vs Cavs

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LeBron James played 43 minutes last night in the Cavs loss to the Mavs. He had an "off" night "only" putting up 23 points, 6 assists and 3 rebounds. I really wish the Cavs would have beaten the Mavs and not just for the whole Western Conference rivals thing. Now they are going to come to Phoenix tonight pissed-off and looking to "right the ship".

For fans of the game that should make for a more interesting and exciting contest. For fans of the Suns it's just one more reason to be mad at Dallas.

When the Suns last played the Cavs in early December the defensive game plan was "all eyes on LeBron" which meant everyone else went ballistic and torched Phoenix. It will be interesting to see which way Gentry goes tonight.

Against Howard the Suns brought help and sent him to the line which resulted in 38 three point attempts for the Magic. Fortunately, they were cold and the Suns won. Against the Spurs, the Suns went the other way and stayed home on the shooters and left Duncan on an island and he went off for 34 points. The Suns won that game too.

So which way would you go? Do you leave poor Grant and Jared to deal with LeBron 1:1 and try and tire him out as the game goes on or do you bring help and hope the rest of the Cavs on the road aren't shooting the ball well?

I think I lean towards staying home and limiting LeBron's assists even if that means he drops 25 in the first half. Make him play, and as much as you can, earn those points and then hopefully he tires late in the game so if you do have to bring help his mates aren't in any kind of rhythm.

More importantly will be the Suns offense against the Cavs defense that is 6th in the league in DRtg (103.3) and 2nd in opponents' FG% (.433).

At practice Sunday, Grant Hill and Coach Gentry both stressed the need for the Suns to play up tempo "Suns basketball". With Shaq on the floor (he played 17 horrible minutes in Dallas last night) it is even more important.

As we've seen over the past few weeks, there's really no team that can stop the Suns when they are moving the ball, moving off the ball and playing fast and with confidence. At home, Phoenix is shooting a torrid 47.5% from three and scoring almost 13 more points per game.

With a day off yesterday and the focus the team will have for this game, I am liking our chances for a nice Monday night ending.

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