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Game Thread: Suns vs Cavs

Final - 12.21.2009 1 2 3 4 Total
Cleveland Cavaliers 29 30 23 27 109
Phoenix Suns 30 23 22 16 91

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Coaches Notes:

  • Mike Brown had pretty much nothing interesting to say. He might as well have been reading from a book of cliches
  • Is was kind of funny that he has no idea what Jamario Moon's injury was or if he was available to play. This was 1:15 before tip
  • Gentry on Shaq: Brings notoriety and the biggest personality in the league. Adults and kids love him. Never a dull moment in the locker room. The usual Shaq stuff
  • On the Cavs playing last night: Not an advantage unless you tell me LeBron isn't playing
  • On the game plan: Try and stay out of double teams on Shaq and LeBron. Frye might have to give up some baskets and not get into foul trouble. In Cleveland, Frye had two early fouls that really hurt since the Suns need him to spread the floor (and make shots)
  • On trading Marion for Shaq: Gentry was for it. Thought the Suns needed him to get past Timmy and the Spurs
  • Gentry disputed the notion that the Suns couldn't run with Shaq. He said Shaq could play any style
  • Richardson's hand is still sore but he'll go and not worry about it
  • Asked about LeBron vs Kobe, Gentry didn't want any part of it but he did say they are totally different players so hard to compare
  • Can't turn the ball over. LeBron trusts his teammates so much and is the reason they are 2nd in 3P%

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