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Practice Report: Where the Suns Over-Respect the Cavs and Barbosa Explains The Goat

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Leandro Barbosa talked after practice today about the status of his ankle and wrist injuries and answered crucial questions about his goat-like "singing" on a recent Steve Nash video.
Leandro Barbosa talked after practice today about the status of his ankle and wrist injuries and answered crucial questions about his goat-like "singing" on a recent Steve Nash video.

After the Suns practiced today, Coach Alvin Gentry (sort-of) confirmed my post-game theory that the Suns didn't believe they could beat the Cavs.

"We seemed to give them more respect than I think, I mean they're a great team, but we're a pretty dog-god good team too and we need to play against them the way we play against all the other good teams," said Gentry.

Gentry had a similar remark after losing to the Laker's the first time. It seems to be part of the deal that comes with a veteran team. A young group like the Thunder don't know how good they are and don't worry about their place in the universe. A team like the Suns understands all too well where they fit in the order of things and last night, and against the Cavs and Lakers earlier in the season the Suns played like a team that knew it couldn't compete.

Maybe that's not correct, but that's my theory and I'm sticking to it. How else do you explain going scoreless for 7+ minutes even against the Cavs defense and the general lack of confidence and decisiveness that Nash described?

Yes, missing Barbosa doesn't help and Gentry said as much, "It's been tough. You know because we are 4 and 7 without him now. Obviously, he's a guy that can come in and when we are struggling offensively he's been usually the guy to give us that spark. He can come up with a basket or two here and there and sometimes he can get on a roll, you know that, where he can really change the game."

And speaking about LB, (nice segue, huh?) he's still on track to play on Christmas Day. He practiced today for the first time 3 on 3 and is still feeling some pain and discomfort in the ankle. His wrist is still bothering him as well to the point that he can't flex it all the way back and he's dribbling more with his left hand to compensate.

This was the worst ankle injury Barbosa has suffered in his career. Asked about the injury he said this, "It was the worst. It was something different for me. I never saw my ankle got that big. It was impressive for me. I was kind of scared but I know that we have a good trainer and they did a great job, I'm recovering real well."

And on the most important question of the day, Leandro talked about his unusual goat-like "singing" performance on the most recent Steve Nash video, "All Night Long", "We used to do that every game that we win. I don't know where that came from but I just started doing it and the guys liking it and laughing so I think it was funny so I keep it up."

Paul Coro followed up with the hard hitting question of the day asking LB if he was trying to sound like a goat, "No. No I'm not trying you know it just happened it was normal. It just came. I didn't try nothing. I'm going to check it out. I wanted to see it."

Full Audio from Gentry and Barbosa (hear for yourself) after the jump:




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