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Game Thread: Suns vs Thunder

Final - 12.23.2009 1 2 3 4 Total
Oklahoma City Thunder 36 30 23 28 117
Phoenix Suns 31 33 25 24 113

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Coaches Notes:

  • Lots of pregame media attention to James Harden
  • Coach Brooks talked about his unselfishness and ability to handle the ball and make plays. "He brings some toughness"
  • Eric Maynor showed up about 25 minutes before tip. He hadn't met his coach yet. He had a DVD version of the team's playbook that he's been watching on the plane here. He may or may not play tonight. The Thunder don't have another back up point guard other than Maynor
  • Coach Gentry said he's one of the more efficient players he's ever seen. Not flashy but efficient.
  • Gentry says Durant is faster with the ball and longer than George Gervin and should end up being one of the best players ever
  • Gentry expects Thunder to switch a lot. Suns have been working on post passing so they can quickly take advantage of mismatches in the post
  • LB still on track to play on the 25th against the Clippers. Not active tonight
  • Suns will try and make Durant a jump shooter. If he's hitting his jump shots, Gentry calls him unguardable
  • Kevin Durant is impressed with Hardin: Durant on Harden 122309
  • James was at today's ASU game (as was our man Max Simbron)


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