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Game Thread: Suns vs Lakers

Final - 12.28.2009 1 2 3 4 Total
Los Angeles Lakers 23 27 27 26 103
Phoenix Suns 25 31 33 29 118

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Coaches Notes:

  • Phil Jackson said he would have to use his bench more tonight and experiment a bit but Coach Gentry doesn't see that as any kind of advantage
  • Jackson hasn't spoken to Artest about his head injury. He's still dizzy as of today and will be reevaluated tomorrow. Jackson said he needs a translator to talk to Artest on the phone (nice line)
  • Gentry continued to talk about how great the Lakers are. I just don't know if the Suns have any sense they can win this game. Maybe he's sandbagging though so if he loses he can say "see, they are a great team" and if the Suns should happen to win he gets extra credit
  • Asked by a LA media guy about Nash's minutes, Gentry went off talking about how no one used to monitor minutes, etc etc and the guys can play because they are great athletes

Audio: Phil Jackson pregame 122809

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