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Game Thread: Suns vs Celtics

Final - 12.30.2009 1 2 3 4 Total
Boston Celtics 20 29 24 25 98
Phoenix Suns 30 31 29 26 116

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Coaches Notes:

  • Not surprisingly, most of the questions for Doc Rivers were about KG
  • KG won't play tonight or Saturday. He hyper-extended something in the Clippers game. Doc is being cautious holding him out
  • Doc is more concerned with Rondo's hamstring injury which has the potential to be a longer term issue. Rondo will start but will be on a very short leash. Doc will bench him if he sees any signs of problems
  • Celtics will go with what they have left and try and win the game.
    Doc isn't too concerned about the pace but he doesn't want his team running into jump shots but he does want them to run into early post action
  • In the last game in Boston, Doc said the Suns were the more physical and aggressive team and got to the line more. That was the issue for him as opposed to tempo
  • Gentry gave the standard - they're still a great team no matter who plays
    He wants the Suns to limit their turnovers and limit the C's offensive rebounds and get back in transition D

Doc Rivers pre-game audio

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