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Nash Day Photo Retrospective

Kicking off Steve Nash Internet Day we have a collection of 9 great photo's from this season so far.

All of these were taken by Bright Side of the Suns' own Max Simbron using his fancy photo camera lens and stuff (Max can fill you in on the details if you are interested). If you are ever at a Suns game you can see Max sitting baseline with his iconic red cap. He's hard to miss.

You would think that with only 7 home games so far this season there wouldn't be too many good images to choose from, but when your subject is Steve Nash it apparently gets easy.

As the man said, the lens finds energy.

After the jump you'll find our 9 favorite photos from this season so far (home games only). Take a look then vote on your favorite. The winning picture will be tattooed across my back! (not really but how cool would that be!)

1. Clutch


2. Concentration


3. Determination


4. The Drive


5. The Kick


6. Goof


7. Roar!!


8. Leader


9. Classic


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