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Steve Nash Day Contest Winners!

Steve Nash. Classic icon. (Photo by Max Simbron)
Steve Nash. Classic icon. (Photo by Max Simbron)

Time to announce the winners of our Steve Nash Internet Day contests!

1. Photo Caption. The winner is Joemama11 with this:

AG: "Okay, next time up the floor I want you to run that play where we give you the ball, something amazing happens, and then one of our great shooters hits a three. A two would be fine also.
SN: "Do you want me to shoot it or someone else? It will almost certainly go in either way."
AG: "Up to you. Surprise me."
SN: "Sounds good. Hey, do you remember back when you were coaching the Clippers, and—"
AG: (Smiles) "No. No I don’t."

2. Twitter Love. The winner is Marasmitch with this entry:

@the_real_nash ur x-over is NashTee, Mish Moneypenny #NashDay

3. Favorite Nash Photo. This one was tough but with 29% of the vote the winner is this classic Nash look

But of course on Steve Nash Internet Day we are all winners!

Actual winners will be contacted separately to arrange for prize shipments


Thank you to everyone who participated with all the GREAT contributions from around the globe. We saw a tremendous out-pouring of love for a wonderful player who's brought so much joy to NBA fans hearts.

It has been a pleasure and I can assure we won't be doing this again (at least until #13 retires).

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