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Suns Trade Rumor Thread

The original Amare Trade Rumor Thread has gotten too large partly because all of the rumors and partly because the rumors are extending beyond just Amare.

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/12/09 12:33 PM MST ]

  • An historically reliable poster on the RealGM forum is reporting that Kerr is considering taking over for Porter (not sure I like the idea of coaching but I do love the idea of him sleeping in the bed he's made)

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/12/09 3:13 PM MST ]

  • From the same source over at RealGM. Again, this individual had the details of the Shaq trade, the JRich trade and also the exact same things I heard re: Porter last week so while it is still rumor it is more credible than random chatter:

Kerr just called Dudley. Had Gentry in his office for about an hour. Met with HR and the Lawyer earlier today. That’s all I’ve got. Working on it. Something seems to be close. Stay tuned.

  • I also confirmed independently that Porter isn't long for Phoenix...timing is to help bury it in the all star hubbub

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/13/09 2:38 PM MST ]

  • So, why does Porter still have his job and why did Steve Kerr go on the radio this morning and flatly deny all the rumors.
  • I don't know...
  • It is hard to get a hold of anyone today with all the ASGness but I have two theories. These are MY theories only:
  • 1) The NBA asked the Suns to wait so as to avoid the bad pub of having the host team fire its coach during La Grande Evente
  • 2) Something changed that convinced Sarver/Kerr to hold their fire. I don't know what that might be
  • I can tell you that too many people were giving too many specifics for this not to have been real as of yesterday. Something's changed.


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